Half-blooded Yuan-ti Sorcerer


Xeron was the leader of the band of monsterous mercenaries that attempted to rob the Lost King’s Tomb before the intrepid, yet utterly bumbling short cart heros, put a stop to his plans.

Extremely arrogant and overconfident in his own abilities, and never one to admit his own faults, Xeron fell as much to his own ego as to the short cart heros blades and magic.


Xeron was an independant agent of procuring valubles (tomb raider/bandit), who was hired by a “firm” to aquire the bones of the Lost King in Scourange. He was very charismatic and often employed different goblinoid bands to do his dirty work.

He has worked for the “firm” several times in the past, when he was approached with this offer, he realized that he would need both of his allied bands, Grislong and his hobgoblins and Olvis and his Bugbears.

Over a year before he was nearly killed, and one of his plans defeated by a Samurai by the name of Kenji Okabe. Kenji’s skill with the blade nearly killed all the hobgoblins, but his fear of magic and superstition caused him to submit to Xeron’s illusion spells.

As a Yuan-Ti, Xeron was raised to worship Set and to see himself as superior to the lesser races.


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